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I Could Never Love Another (After Loving You)
The Temptations
Wish It Would Rain (1968)

The past week I’ve gone back to listen to a lot of the older soul and R&B I enjoyed when I was younger, and The Temptations was one group I spent many hours listening to.  The Temptations have a very unique discography, especially during the period when their music went from the standard “Motown Sound” to the funkier and psychedelic sounds they experimented with in the late 60s, up until the early 70s. The producer Norman Whitfield was responsible for taking The Temptations to that next level, which helped changed R&B and Soul at the time too.  

This particular song I’m posting today is a song from The Temptations Wish It Would Rain LP (1968), and I find it interesting for a couple reasons. First, when this album came out it marked the end of an era for the group, as many things were beginning to change. A few months after this album came out, David Ruffin, the lead singer was kicked out of the group, after they grew tired of dealing with his missed shows, and his constant egoistical ways.  Also, this album would be the last album The Temptations would release that would focus on the “Motown Sound”, and even feature contributions from Smokey Robinson, who was an early contributor to The Temptations success. After the success of this album Berry Gordy gave Norman Whitfield complete control of their production, which led Whitfield to take the group to a complete new direction the following year, which was heard when they released Cloud Nine (1969). The most interesting thing about this song though, is the contributions from a songwriter named Roger Penzabene.  Penzabene co-write three songs for The Temptations that were actually all influenced by his wife who he dearly loved.  He first wrote "You’re My Everything" from The Temptations album With A Lot of Soul (1967), which was a huge success.  Unfortunately Penzabene found out his wife was cheating on him, and wanted to leave him for another man, which crushed him.  He wound up penning the songs "I Wish It Would Rain" and “I Could Never Love Another (After Loving You)” while dealing with his heartbreak, and not wanting his wife to leave him. Penzabene wound up committing suicide on New Years Eve 1967, a week after Motown officially released the first single, "I Wish It Would Rain" for The Temptations album by the same name.  

Even though this song has a sad background story  to it, I love it.  I actually think the background story makes the song even more special, because it showed how art imitates life.  When this song was written it came from a deep sadness that Penzabene had to put down on paper, unfortunately it became too much for him.  

I still remember the first time I heard this record, I was in 12th grade Woodshop class. I had bought a copy of The Temptations compilation album My Girl: The Very Best of the Tempations, and since it was my senior year I didn’t do anything in that class, but sit there and listen to music.  I had heard most of the songs from The Temptations “Classic 5 era”, but when I heard this song it seemed to real, just like how it was when I heard “I Wish It Would Rain”. I remember even thinking I’ve felt that way in my short life of romances, when I dated a girl named Laquisha.  I remember thinking I could never find another girl who was as beautiful as her, boy was I wrong!

Andy Allo photo shoot with Nouveau Magazine (2013)

I probably should have posted this Wednesday for WCW, but I didn’t, so now I’m posting it today.  This girl is perfection, that’s all. 


I finally reached my 900th post today.  I’ve been on here since May 2010, and finally reached 900 post.  At the rate I’m at now, I should probably hit 1,000 post by August or September, and that will be the real milestone… We’ll see if that happens.   

Let Me Hear it From You
Sly and the Family Stone
A Whole New Thing (1967)

This is a slow burner of a record brilliantly sung by bass virtuoso Larry Graham of Sly and the Family Stone.  I can’t explain how incredible Larry sounds on this record, he brings an incredible pain to this record, where you feel every single vocal run and riff.  I also, love how he changes his range from high to low so loosely. 

Sister Rosetta Tharpe “Up Above my Head”

It’s Sunday, and I don’t go to church or listen to much contemporary gospel, but I’ll listen to some rockin’ gospel music to get through the day.  Check Sister Rosetta Tharpe catch the spirit while playing her Gibson Les Paul. If you aren’t familiar with the God Mother of Rock and Roll, take an hour out your busy day and watch this documentary. 

Al Green doing a photo shoot with Norman Seeff in 1973.

This is a random video I found of the Reverend Al Green back in 1973 doing a photo shoot with Norman Seeff. I was a little intrigued by it, because it shows Al Green in his rawest form, which it seems you don’t really see much.  His voice is hoarse during the video shoot, and Seeff ask him to sing along while he’s taking shots, and Al keeps telling him, he can’t sing, but still tries.  While watching this video you notice Al has a certain charm about himself, that’s intriguing.  

The Isley Brothers featuring Ron Isley “Tears -Ron Cryin Alone” (1996)

I had a nerd experience a few days ago when I heard this song.  It’s been some years since I last heard this song, maybe ten years or so, but I do remember it from my middle school days, yea the days when R&B was legit.  

Well the other day when driving home, I had the radio station on 94.5 (Old School R&B station in Dallas), and this song came on, and took me to the place where I first heard it years ago.  While listening to the song I noticed something I had never noticed before, and I don’t know how I missed it.  But I heard Babyface singing backing vocals in the chorus, and then I automatically knew why I loved this song so much back in the days.  Babyface wrote, produced, and sang backing vocals on this record. I love Babyface’s work from that period.  The Isley Brothers did do their thing on here, don’t get me wrong, Ron sang this with such pain, and Ernie had his nice quiet guitar riffs, but the songwriting really stands out.  Babyface could really write some songs.  It was really interesting how he was able to incorporate Ernie’s guitar throughout the song, because more of the later Isley Brother’s stuff didn’t have that element in the music.  Of course this song doesn’t have anything on what the Isley Brothers did back in the days, but this is a nice ballad though.

What happened to contemporary r&b music?

Out of focus.

Out of focus.

Chris Rock in White Face by Annie Leibovitz (1998)
I’ve always thought this photo of Chris Rock was always interesting, especially because of the history of white people who would be in black face exploiting black people as a source of comedy.  It was interesting to see Chris Rock flip the script, especially for modern day comedy.  

Chris Rock in White Face by Annie Leibovitz (1998)

I’ve always thought this photo of Chris Rock was always interesting, especially because of the history of white people who would be in black face exploiting black people as a source of comedy.  It was interesting to see Chris Rock flip the script, especially for modern day comedy.  

"Will our story end like a fairy tale, or just another heartbreak, only time will tell…”

"Will our story end like a fairy tale, or just another heartbreak, only time will tell…”

Son Little “Your Love Will Blow Me Away When My Heart Aches”

Another song from this guy named Son Little.  The first song I heard him on a bluesy reggae song called "Cross My Heart".  Looks like he’s back with another song, that he describes being about, a man overboard, and in over his head.  Pretty much being afraid of what you’re already feeling.  I dig how he sounds like he’s in a lot of pain. You don’t hear these type of vocals in contemporary music.  He seems to revolve around very emotional type of songs, which leaves me curious to hear his full album.  

I wonder if she likes Nirvana?

I wonder if she likes Nirvana?

Otis Rush “I Can’t Quit You Baby” Live in Berlin 1966

One of my favorite Blues guys.  I got into him a couple years ago, when I picked up a live album he did in Chicago.  Then from doing research saw he influenced many others like Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Michael Bloomfield and many others. Just listen to the soul in this, my favorite part is his solo at 3:30.

Are You an Introvert? | 11 Traits of Introverts

July 3, 2013 By  

Are You an Introvert?

Introverts and Extroverts are the two basic personality types at the heart of human nature. Once you figure out which type you belong to, you can make better decisions to unlock your true potential. See if these traits sound like you.

1. You Enjoy Solitude.

2. Dislike Small-talk, but enjoy in-depth conversations about topics that interest you.


3. People Say You Are A Good Listener.

4. You like to think about and choose your words carefully before speaking.


5. Dislike Conflict.

6. You prefer to work alone and without interruptions.


7. When stressed or need to recharge, you spend a few days alone by yourself.

8. Often express yourself through writing.


9. People describe you as “soft-spoken” or “mellow”.

10. You like people, just not all the time.


11. You don’t normally like to take the lead, but will step up when no one else will.

 I have a fascination with discussions about people with introvert personalities.  I’d say I fit all of these traits.

A Dog That Doesn’t Want to Sleep

I have a confession… I have an extreme soft spot for dogs.  The funniest thing is I don’t want to own a dog, but I love watching videos of dogs on youtube, doing stuff just like what this little puppy is doing.  My favorites are the ones where they fall asleep or play with babies.  I know it’s weird, but don’t tell anyone!

P.S. That should give that dog some type of pillow.