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My crush this week for Woman Crush Wednesday is… Ms J Willy or Jessica Williams. 

I know her from the Daily Show with John Stewart, and I think she’s just great.  I love her personality, she’s got a great sense of humor, and is beautiful.  Her personality is really what attracts me to her. I don’t know her personally, but I can tell she’s the type of girl I would want to date.  Maybe she’ll let a brother holla if she’s ever on tumblr. 

Buddy Guy “Outta Sight” (1965)

Happy 78th Birthday to Buddy Guy!

It’s amazing to know Buddy still performs and tours regularly every year. I believe that’s what keeps him alive. God Bless the BLUES!

Oh and this is a great cover of James Brown’s record “Outta Sight”… JUST WATCH and LISTEN!

Every Picture Tells a Story
Rod Stewart
Every Picture Tells a Story (1971)

I fuckin’ love this song! I first heard it on the radio last week, and been playing it off and on since then.  Rod Stewart sounds great on here with the band, and the song has a great message… of course not the racist part, but you know what I mean.  The song is about self discovery.

My favorite line on the song is the beginning when he says…

"Spent some time feeling inferior

standing in front of my mirror

combed my hair in a thousand ways

came out looking just the same”

Because I feel like I go through that type of insecurity pretty often, and especially when I was younger. 

These girls ain’t loyal prank.

After watching this prank, it was hard to see the first pranked guy lose his girlfriend to a guy who wanted to take her for a ride in his Lamborghini.  I know it was a car ride and prank, but it says a lot about his girlfriend, and her lack of respect for him.  He even made it pretty clear that he wasn’t comfortable with the whole thing, and even tried to stop her from going and she still went. She didn’t even care about what he thought, that’s the worst part about it. I don’t know, maybe I’m over analyzing this, but she wouldn’t be my girlfriend after that. 

TV on the Radio Seeds album teaser.

I’ve been a huge fan of TV on the Radio since I first heard there song "Wolf Like Me", and was blown away by seeing black guys make music like this.  They were actually the first rock band I saw live in concert some years ago too.  When they dropped Nine Types of Light three years ago it touched me in a way that I hadn’t been touched musically in a while. 

Seeds coming this Fall.

USAB Training Camp Day 1

Here’s a peak at the USA Basketball Team in training camp.  Yes…check out Derrick Rose, he’s looking incredible out there.  I can’t wait for the upcoming season.  

Stephen A. Smith believes women have a Responsibility too.

I’m sure many people will disagree with me on this and send me hate messages and whatever, but I wholeheartedly agree with Stephen A on his thoughts about women and these domestic issues.  I think people might have taken what he was saying the wrong way, but what I got from what Stephen A was saying was it’s not acceptable for any man to hit a woman at all we know that, but there are SOME women who do provoke men which causes them to act a certain way.  They might not mean it, but if you get someone really upset and hit them and tell them certain things, don’t be surprised if that person reacts and hits you back, that’s pretty simple knowledge there.  We can’t all expect every man to be this chivalrous type who would never do such a thing to a woman, lets be real, every man is different, and have different emotions to different situations.  I’ve been in situations like this when I was younger, where a girl would get in my face, hollering and pushing me, and doing this because she knew a man ideally isn’t suppose to hit a woman back.  What she was doing was definitely upsetting me, which was provoking me to knock her out, but I didn’t, I just kept calm, and walked away.

I’m not saying every domestic issue is caused from women provoking men, because that’s not true, but I believe women need to realize just because it’s been taught that a man isn’t suppose to hit a woman, don’t expect that every man is going to follow that rule, especially if you’re pushing his buttons by hitting him. I agree with Stephen A. women do need to take responsibility and not provoke men, because we never know how a man will react in a situation like that….like I always tell people, never expect anything to be the way you think it SHOULD be.

Dilated Peoples Packaging revealed.

Yea, I’ll be copping both CD and vinyl of Dilated’s new album when it drops in two weeks.  Been waiting on some real hip hop like this for a while. 

Broken Bells “After the Disco” live at Deezer Sessions.

I’ve had this song on repeat all day. It’s such a groove, and  been my soundtrack to Sunday.

"How did I get in this winding maze of love?"

Johnny “Guitar” Watson.

Johnny “Guitar” Watson.

SWF - “No Veggies”

Some intelligent down souf raps provided by my brother J-sizza.

Old Fashioned
Cee-Lo Green
The Lady Killer (2010)

Cee-Lo’s Lady Killer album was a phenomenal modern soul album when it dropped almost 4 years ago.  I always knew Cee-lo could sing, but on this album he really showed his gospel and soul chops throughout this album on songs like "Fool for You" (I actually like the version with Philip Bailey best), "No Ones Gonna Love You", and "Satisfied".  The album was such a unique blend of soul and pop, that made it so fun to listen to.  

On the song “Old Fashioned” Cee-Lo really gets into some deep rooted soul on a song that borrows from 60s soul man Joe Simon’s song "Trouble in My Home".  Cee-Lo gets deep, sounding in a way I’ve never heard him sound before.   

Dog gets so excited it passes out.

You already know I get a huge kick out of watching videos of dogs interacting with people.  In this video a 14 year old dog is so excited to see his/her owner after two years, and is crying is such excitement they pass out.  It’s the funniest (and cutest) thing ever.  It’s hilarious to see how the dog acts after waking from passing out, and can tell something isn’t right.

What’s In My Bag?:  Deltron 3030

Great to see Del and Dan on an episode of What’s In My Bag. I was very impressed with all their selections.  I was really surprised and impressed by some of Del’s selections of of Black Flag, Marley Marl, and Papoose.  I wasn’t expecting the Black Flag CD, along with the Marley Marl and Kwame CD in his bag.  One CD I wasn’t familiar with that Del had in his bag was a funk album by Apple and the Three Oranges called Free and Easy.  Dan picked only films, so I see he’s definitely a film buff, which is something I liked. Out of all his selection of films I hadn’t seen Looper, and I was surprised by how much he said he enjoyed films like Step Up.

A Discussion with Chris Rock from the Black List 

In this video Chris Rock discusses what inspired him to be a comedian, acting as black male, black women acting, white people and equality.  

The most interesting part of this discussion is the end when he talks about how black people can’t beat white people in anything, but you can knock them out.  ”If you got 6 and they got 5, he wins”.  Theres a part of the discussion that is deleted where he talks about the Larry Holmes fight against Gerry Cooney, where Holmes a black boxer had Cooney beaten up bloody in an 11 round fight, even knocked him out in the last round, but at the end of the fight the judges had Gerry Cooney with more points. “You can’t beat white people”.  It’s a harsh reality, but it’s true.