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?uestlove discusses the global influences of Blues music.

In a short sit down, ?uestlove talks about the British invasions, and how young British kids born in the 30s and 40s had discovered American Blues music in the 50s, and by the 60s were trying to emulate it, which is what would eventually became Rock and Roll, and the same has happened during the second British invasion with British soul singers of today.  He also briefly touches on how Gary Clark Jr is a very rare endangered species in music today, because he’s a young black guy singing the Blues.  ?uest hits home with me with one of my biggest frustrations, when he talks about how Black people have abandoned those genres over the years.

"I never thought I’d see an authentic master younger than me, Black person, singing the Blues.  LIke if a white guy, if you told me some 16 year old has the whole Delta Blues stick down to a science. I wouldn’t have been surprised at all, of course, like that’s expected.  But I did not expect, a black person to fall into the lineage of a black art form.  Because it’s kind of weird, we can cultivate it, innovate it, but we’re also the first to not absorb it, and we’re also the first to dispose it as if it never happened

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    ?uestlove discusses the global influences of Blues music. In a short sit down, ?uestlove talks about the British...
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